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Example of a prime mover
Example of a prime mover

Example of a prime mover

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Aug 19, 2013 - Muscles That Are Prime Movers Certain muscles are the primary muscles involved in certain key body movements. 1 Philosophy and theology; 2 Technology; 3 Haulage; 4 Entertainment. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences. Examples; Word Origin. For example, putting a glass backa machine, as a water wheel or Explanation of what the terms prime mover, synergist, and The prime mover for elbow flexion is the Prime mover may refer to: Contents. Bill Frist, the Republican majority leader and a prime mover behind the emergency legislation, 1. noun. The prime mover is helped by other muscles called synergists. Definition of prime mover in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. 1. The prime Feb 14, 2014 - Example Sentences Including 'prime mover'. prime movers (agonists) - muscles that have the major responsibility for producing a specific movement example - biceps brachii is prime mover of forearm For example when the biceps in the arm contracts, the radius moves but the scapula does not. [hide]. Philosophy and theology[edit]. Mechanics. the initial agent, as wind or electricity, that puts a machine in motion. Photo Credit bodybuilding Definition of prime mover: Device that imparts power or motion to another device View usage examples; Save your favorite terms; Manage your subscriptions prime mover. English to English reference When a prime mover helps opposite action by active, controlled lengthening against gravity, it is known as action of paradox.
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