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Javascript document.forms
Javascript document.forms

Javascript document.forms

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javascript document.forms

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For example:Note: The elements collection returns all elements inside the <form> element, not all <form> elements in the document. Jan 17, 2011 - document.forms["myForm"]["email"].value. For example, if a document contains four forms whose Form. Free HTML CSS JavaScript DOM jQuery XML AJAX Angular ASP .NET PHP SQL tutorials, references, web building examples. To get all <form> elements in the Oct 21, 2014 - forms returns a collection (an HTMLCollection) of the form elements within the current document. The array stores an entry for each form object (form tag) in a document; these entries are in source order. in Javascript Form Handling. A form is available by it's name or index in document.forms[name/index] . After all, the input box city is document.forms[0].elements[2] in the example The other alternative is to use the document object's forms collection to obtain a reference to the form object. The forms collection is a JavaScript array that holds There are many ways of accessing form elements, of which the easiest is by using the cross-browser W3C DOM document. that will get the value of the "email" element within the "myForm" <form> <form id="myForm" See also Jeff Howden's excellent article Forms & JavaScript Living Together in . The getElementsByName method is defined on document , so it could not be used to find elements with a particular name in a . The form.elements[name/index] property references it's elements. More JavaScript and Forms:.
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